Welcome Snowbirds

Once the season starts, we are often inundated with calls and our phone lines are overwhelmed with calls and we are unable to answer all of your calls.

Soumission Snowbird - Saison 2023-2024

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Season 2023-2024

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Season 2023-2024


Communicate with us via:

EMAIL: sc@transportlaberge.com

All quotes will be sent via email only not via telephone

To be able to provide you with a quote please provide the following information:

  • Year, make and model of your vehicle
  • Weight of your vehicle as indicated on your vehicle registration
  • City of pickup
  • City of delivery

For peace of mind

With a specialized fleet equipped to transport your vehicle with care, Transport Laberge is the easy, safe and hassle-free way to counter traffic and take full advantage of your sunny destination.

At Transport Laberge we offer open air trailers where we will transport your vehicle to Florida and deliver it right to your door! Comfortably and securely!

We have a large selection of departure dates that allow you to customize your trip October through May


EMAIL: sc@transportlaberge.com

Montreal to Florida OR Florida to Montreal

Season 2023-2024 Pricing (one-way transportation) Base rate

  • Pricing based on weight and value of your vehicle.
  • Deposit of $300.00 upon each reservation / balance payable on date of departure.
  • CAA (5% or base rate (not including fuel component)) or Fadoq ($50.00) discount available.
  • There are no taxes applicable on a transport to the USA.


PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICES (additional to base rate)

You can deliver the vehicle to our terminal in Lachine or Mont St-Gregoire and no addtional fee will be incurred. We also have terminals in Quebec and Gatineau where you can deliver the vehicle for a fee.

In Florida you can pick up the vehicle at our terminal in Davie, Florida (2775 Burris rd, Davie, FL) for a fee. Our terminal in Florida is open Monday to Friday 9:00 to 16:00.

We offer pick up service from your residence in the Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa and surrounding areas. Pricing varies based on location.


We can also deliver your car in Florida to your residence to make your travels worry free. Pricing varies based on location.


We can Transport your car from door to door in a delay of 5 business days Montreal to Florida (varies depending on pick up and delivery area)

In the Montreal area, we take possesion of the vehicle 1 business day prior to the departure date. The further from Montreal you are located, the more days we require.

In Florida, we deliver the vehicle 1 business day after arrival in Florida and there are no deliveries on the weekend.



We require certain documents in order to be able to cross the border with your vehicle.

  • Once the reservation is made, we will send you the customs documents via email that must be completed and returned to us in 5 days. (CTPAT, 3299) required going towards Florida and (Canada customs) for return to Canada
  • Documents must be received 5 days before your departure date or your vehicle might be shipped at a later date.
  • Color copy of valid Drivers License
  • Color copy of valid Passport
  • Color copy of valid Registration (original registration required at time of departure)

All documents are to be scanned (PDF format) and sent via email to : sc@transportlaberge.com
Pictures of documents are not recommended as we often have to reject them as the quality is not satisfactory for customs.



  • Gas tank must be ¼ tank or less at time of transport due to weight restrictions. There is a $75 fee if your gas tank is above a ¼ tank.
  • Luggage restrictions / prohibited itemsPersonal items can be placed in the trunk of the vehicle. The trunk is yours to fill with items that are not prohibited (as stated above). On a SUV, the trunk is considered the space behind the last seat of the vehicle. That is the dedicated trunk. If you choose the put the seats down and place additional items there is a fee of $70.00 for any items on the back seat. It is strictly prohibited to place any items on the front seat or the floor of the back seat. If the only item on the backseat is a golf bag the additional fee is $45.00. These regulations are also in place due to weight restrictions of the truck. The windows must be free and clear for the driver to see to ensure safe loading and unloading on the truck.
  • Food, medication, alcohol, tobacco or items purchased in the USA are forbidden in the vehicle during transport. All food items are prohibited as the specific list of restrictions is very intricate and we have numerous vehicles on the truck. We cannot manage each item separately therefore all food items are prohibited.

Cancellation policy/Date Change

The cancellation policy and related fees are the following:
Less than 29 days from the date of departure: $300.00
More than 30 days from the date of departure: $200.00

The change of date policy and related fees are the following:
Less than 29 days from the date of departure: $300.00
More than 30 days from the date of departure: $200.00

EZ Pass transponders

Please consider removing your transponder in the vehicle. In the past, transponders have been known to collect fees when the vehicle is on the truck and we are not able to help clear those fees as your transponder is registered under your name. All fees incurred by personal transponders are the responsibility of the owner.


  1. Send us an email with the information in section 1 ( year, make and model of the vehicle, weight of the vehicle (indicated on your registration), value of the vehicle, city of departure, city of delivery) and we will provide a quote via email along with the documents to proceed to the reservation
  2. Complete the reservation forms  and return them via email: sc@transportlaberge.com  along with a scan of your drivers licence , passport and registration  allow up to 48 hours for processing
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to you along with the custom documents to be signed and mail us the original to 435 rue Norman, Suite 100, Lachine, Qc, H8R 1A4
    The original signature is required by US customs. A scanned email is no longer acceptable.
  4. Approximately 10 days before departure, we will call you and confirm that all is good with your file and review all questions.


We look forward to hearing from you!


You have questions…

It will be our pleasure to help you plan the transition.


Award-winning approach to logistics and service, backed by a commitment to the most demanding standards in the automobile transportation industry.


Terminals located in Montreal, Quebec City and Moncton, shipping to all points across Canada and the United States.

Pro-grade fleet

Modern trucks equipped with GPS tracking and belt-retention systems for added care and pinpoint accuracy.