Without restricting applicable sections of civil codes governing this contract, the shipper undertakes to reimburse the carrier, namely, the amount of any costs and fines as well as legal and extra legal fees related to any condemnation which could be pronounced against the carrier from overloading on total weight as well as on axle weight resulting of an inherent defect in the property or any omission, deficiency or inaccuracy in the shipper’s declaration as to the property carried.


NOTICE OF CLAIM: For night deliveries or for deliveries without signature, 24 hours delay is permitted for sending written notice and photos of damage to:, or by fax at (877) 347-1432.

Claims are subject to approval by Transport Laberge. All claims are subject to a $500 deductible.

ACV (ACTUAL CASH VALUE): The Carrier’s responsibility will be limited to the actual vehicle value at the time of incident. Following the damages caused to a car during its transportation, Transport Laberge will assume the reparation fees, but will not pay any fee due to the devaluation of the vehicle in regard to its resale value.

C.O.D. SHIPMENTS: A carrier shall not deliver a C.O.D. shipment unless payment is received in full. Same rules apply for shipments requiring C.O.D. transportation charges. In some cases the payment may be required at the loading. Failing payment, we reserve the right to not transport your vehicle.

SUBORDINATION TO THE QUEBEC CIVIL CODE: This contract is subject to the dispositions of the Civil Code of Québec.


Transport Laberge accepts no responsibility regarding any delay of delivery for the vehicle.

  • Any damage not resulting from carrier negligence.
  • Damage unable to detect due to auto’s dirty, wet or snow covered condition or after dark pick-up.  Car shipped under those conditions are shipped as-is.  Transport Laberge is released of all responsibility for claims concerning loss or damage on all as-is shipped vehicle.
  • Articles left in vehicle or damage to vehicle due to those articles.
  • Damage or loss of loose parts or special equipment when not listed on the invoice and/or when not properly secured so as to prevent loss or damage by shipper.
  • Costs or expenses including towing or repair charges resulting from malfunction of auto.
  • Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, cooling systems, anti-freeze solution or industrial fallout.
  • Radio antennas that extend more than three (3) inches above fender or hood level of vehicle being transported.  Car phones under any condition or phone antennas.
  • Mechanical functions exhaust systems, alignment, suspension, tuning of engine, transmission.  Inspection of those items is not practical at time of shipment.
  • Loss or damage to a disabled unit loading, unloading, or transporting.
  • Damage caused by freezing of cooling system and/or batteries.  Protection from freezing is the shipper’s responsibility.
  • Auto rental.
  • Any act of God.
  • Damage due to road construction, rock or gravel damage, flying debris from roadway or overpass, over the road dirt, diesel and truck oil residue from truck.
  • Damage to tires, wheels or hub caps or windows.
  • Vandalism either during shipment or while awaiting shipment or delivery.
  • Convertible tops and rear windows, boots, caps, or any other type of canvas coverings.
  • Low spoilers, low exhaust, ground effects, fog lights or any low accessories.  Hairline scratches.
  • Damage due to excessive charge.
  • Search and/or customs inspections are beyond the carrier’s control.  Waiting time in excess of one (1) hour and/or required unload and reload on route will incur additional fees to be invoiced at a pre establish rate depending on the  number of hours needed to unload and reload.
  • Seizure by entitled party will not result in a partial or total load reimbursement to shipper of transportation charges, such seizure causing the carrier’s unit to proceed with an empty spot.  Consideration will be given to such action only when total load is being seized and unloaded, and the carrier’s unit and operator(s) released by competent party involved.
  • All problems caused by anti-theft or remote car starter.


  • A $25 surcharge is applicable if fuel tank is above quarter mark level upon loading.
  • A $50 surcharge is applicable if belongings of any kind (golf bag or a full back seat is the same) are located inside the vehicle.
  • It is not allowed to have anything fixed outside the vehicle such as bicycle, luggage or ski racks of any type.
  • Upon pick-up or delivery of your car at your residence. Any denial from the security of your building will be subject of an extra charge.
  • We withdraw ourselves from any responsibility for all delay or seizure being caused by Canadian or American Customs Services.
  • The client agrees to pay all extra charges and increases due to decreed fees by any government authority, as well as others out of your transporter’s control (e.g., diesel, taxes).
  • The client also agrees to pay all extra charges occurred by his/her non-respect of the transporter’s requirements.

The cut-off date for cancellation or any change of reservation is 15 days before your reserved date. Cancellation done before the cut-off date. We reimburse your deposit minus $60 for administrative charges. Cancellation or change done after the cut-off date. We keep the deposit as compensation. Any change before the cut-off date.  Administrative charges of $50.


In the event that the shipper or his representative is not present at the time of pick-up or on delivery of the vehicle, it is recognized that the representative of the carrier may complete, on his behalf, the inspection report appearing on the bill of lading and this report will be deemed.


Transport Laberge engages in transporting the car fully identified, described and detailed, with the personal belongings of the undersigned customer on the contract, at the price and conditions specified. Your house insurance covers the luggage in your car; and we are not responsible for damages to your luggage. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that you load these securely. The car insurance policy must be maintained for full coverage because we may have to drive it on the road for the pickup and/ or at the delivery.